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Nutrition and Hydration Week at Woodstock Residential Care Home

Last week at Woodstock Residential Care Home we experimented with all kinds of foods and drinks in support of Nutrition and Hydration Week.

We started the week with a calorie boosting trolley, containing treats such as doughnuts, muffins, cookies and millionaires shortbread. All of our ladies and gents enjoyed these sweet treats that they hadn’t tasted for a while. Calorie boosters are important for people who are on fortified diets and need an extra calorie lift.

On Wednesday, our residents were presented with a ‘Tropical treats trolley‘. On offer was juicy pineapple, strawberries, melon, raspberries, oranges and apples, as well as other fruits. We also tried different flavoured fresh fruit juices – white grape and peach juice was the most popular. Fruit is a key part of a healthy diet due to its high water content and the nutrients it offers.

On Thirsty Thursday we created a flavoured water trolley. Our residents enjoyed trying different flavours that they may not have tried before. Hydration is key to someone’s health and wellbeing, so we wanted to introduce some different drinks for everyone to experiment with.

We finished off the week with ‘Finger food Friday‘ when we created a trolley for our ladies and gents who only have small appetites and prefer to nibble different foods throughout the day. We included some classics such as sausage rolls, scotch eggs, pork sausages and a selection of different flavoured crisps.

What a great week! Everyone involved enjoyed trying the different foods and drinks on offer, and learning a little more about nutrition and hydration.


Nutrition and Hydration Week drinks and snacks at Woodstock Residential Care Home