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Celebrating National Days at Woodstock Residential Care Home

Here at Woodstock Residential Care Home we’ve been celebrating a variety of national days recently.

Dignity Action Day

February started off with Dignity Action Day, when our team members spent time with our ladies and gents, chatting about what ‘dignity’ meant to them. We put the words they used onto some paper boats that they coloured in bright colours.

We then decided to created a ‘Digni-sea’ display for our lounge using blue tissue paper for the water and adding fishes too. It’s an an eye-catching piece of art and a great conversation starter.

Charles Dickens’ Day

On Wednesday 7 February we celebrated Charles Dickens’ Day and started the morning by watching a Charles Dickens’ classic – ‘Oliver’. We all enjoyed singing along to this and hearing some of the memorable lines.

In the afternoon we put our knowledge to the test and took part in a ‘true or false?’ quiz on Charles’ Dickens. Dennis was our champion and won himself ‘The Old Curiosity Shop’ book that was written by Charles Dickens. He was thrilled with his prize and couldn’t wait to get started on his reading.

Pizzas and pancakes

The next couple of national days were food related, yummy! We had National Pizza Day on 9 February when our residents were able to enjoy a variety of pizzas for their tea including margarita, BBQ chicken, Hawaiian and Portobello. Our ladies and gents all enjoyed their taste testing session and trying a new flavour of pizza.

It was then Shrove Tuesday on 13 February and we decided we would all enter a pancake flipping competition! We had so many laughs doing this (as well as lots of pancakes flying all over the place! Ha!).

Our Chef made us delicious pancakes for our pudding and decorated them with berry compote and whipped cream. As you’d expect, these went down a treat!


National Days fun at Woodstock Residential Care Home