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Egyptian travels at Woodstock Residential Care Home

Here at Woodstock Residential Care Home, our residents embarked on some virtual travel this week and journeyed to Egypt as part of our Nellsar mini cruise.

Our Home was decorated with gold leaves, Egyptian flags and a poster of the biggest pyramid in Egypt, Khufu. Our team members also had fun dressing up as ancient Egyptians.

We started off our journey by learning some interesting facts about Egypt and we created a display with them in our lounges; for example, if you unwrapped a mummy’s bandages some of them would reach over 1.6km in length!

Our ladies and gents then took part in different arts and crafts sessions, creating different accessories from the ancient Egyptian era. In the first group we used lots of different brightly coloured paints and glitter to create collars out of paper plates. Our residents then enjoyed colouring in Nemes, which are the headdresses typically seen in paintings from ancient Egypt.

As part of the fun we took turns to pose in front of the pyramids for picture postcards to send back home from our travels. Our wonderful Chef Agnes also prepared some delicious lamb koftas and homemade falafel with tzatziki dip and finished off with a homemade dessert creation called Egyptian delight!

To finish off our journey, we hosted a film club and watched ‘Carry on Cleo’ and all had a good giggle.

What a wonderful trip! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed learning about the history of Egypt….Next stop, Japan!