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Two new forms of exercise at Woodstock Residential Care Home

Clubbercise with Kelly

Our ladies and gents at Woodstock Residential Care Home were able to take part in a new class this week – Clubbercise with Kelly.

This was great fun and allowed our residents to exercise whilst reliving their younger days of going to dances.

We had glow sticks and disco lights to get us in the spirit and everyone danced along to upbeat music, including songs from such as Abba and Prince. We made sure to stop and have a quick drink break to refuel, as we had worked up quite a sweat!

Our residents all said how much they enjoyed this class and look forward to Clubbercise again next month.


After some research, we’ve invested in an Octaband here at Woodstock. This is a brightly coloured, stretchy piece of material that has been designed with Dementia in mind.

To put it to the test, we all sat in a circle and held either one or two of the ‘legs’ of the Octaband and then took part in a variety of moves including pulling it close to us to promote muscle use and lifting it up high and down low to encourage movement.

We created a Mexican wave and went around the circle lifting each leg in turn and also put a ball in the middle of it and tried our best to balance it in the centre whilst shaking the stretchy legs side to side.

Our Octaband was then swapped for a parachute and we continued with exercise movements including lifting it up high and waving to each other underneath it! We finished off our session trying to fling the ball as high in the air as possible – this was a great way for us to all use different muscles and really get moving. Great fun!


Trying out our new Octaband at Woodstock Residential Care Home

Trying out our new Octaband