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Festival of Colour at Woodstock Residential Care Home

On Wednesday 8 March everyone at Woodstock Residential Care Home celebrated the Hindu Holi Festival of Colours by creating a colourful wall display.

Our residents joined in with an arts and crafts session to work together to create a colourful rainbow of hands. We traced and cut out our hand shapes and then painted each cut-out with different colours and shades from the rainbow, with unique designs and patterns too. We chatted about different colours of the rainbow and our favourite colours.

When the paint had dried we displayed our finished hands on the wall in one of our lounges and it looked amazing, making the space look so colourful! It was a great way to unite everyone’s individual hand prints to create an overall eye-catching piece of art.

We finished with a well-earned cup of tea as we admired our display and all the wonderful colours.


Woodstock Residential Care Home residents making rainbow art