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Mad Hatter tea party preparation at Woodstock Residential Care Home

Over the last few weeks residents and staff at Woodstock Residential Care Home have been getting together in regular arts and crafts sessions to make decorations for our Alice in Wonderland themed Mad Hatters Tea party.

Firstly, we coloured in pictures of different size pocket watches and we enjoyed chatting about the film Alice in Wonderland. We associated the clocks with the quote from the film “we are going to be late for a very important date”. Next we cut around these watches and hung them from our light-up tree for everyone to see.

In another session, everyone coloured in pansies from a scene in the film using felt tip pens with lots of bright colours. Residents also loved colouring in characters from the film and were very happy to know these were going to be displayed around their home for the big day. Residents and staff said this was a very therapeutic and relaxing activity. Music from the film played as we coloured and we really did reminisce on what we remember while watching the film.

In another activity, we had a very important job to create hats for the mad hatters tea party! We enjoyed using card and paper to create a collection of mad hats with different patterns. We made lots of unique hats including, top hats, bunny ears and hats with multi colours. Using glue with stuck on different quotes and characters to our hats to stick with the theme.

Everyone has had lots of fun creating and making decorations and props over the last few weeks for this event and wow wasn’t it amazing! Well done to everyone’s hard work, it all came together to create the most beautiful Mad Hatters Tea Party!