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Woodstock Residential Care Home residents celebrate Chinese New Year

Here at Woodstock Residential Care Home we celebrated Chinese New Year by enjoying lots of different themed activities with our residents.

We started the day with our film club and watched ‘Mulan’, which is the story of a young woman who disguises herself as a man to enrol in the Chinese army, accompanied by her Dragon called Mushu.

We then put our knowledge to the test and took part in a fact-finding quiz all about China; our residents had to decide whether statements were true or false. Great fun!

Our Chef Agnes cooked us some wonderful Chinese treats including sweet and sour chicken with rice and a delicious vegetable stir fry, and our residents were also treated to Chinese fortune cookies.

Some of our team members dressed up in bright and colourful traditional clothing and in the afternoon we held an arts and crafts session to create some Chinese dragons – as 2024 is ‘The Year of the Dragon’. We first had to colour in their heads and tails and then get creative making the body from all different coloured paper. Finally we attached our dragons to sticks so we could make them dance.

We all thoroughly enjoyed experiencing a little taste of China!


Woodstock Residential Care Home residents making Chinese Dragons